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Why Migration is Essential?

Do you know about 20% of all bird species (around 1,800) migrate yearly even though they have to bear long, dangerous, and tiring journeys? They are ready to take such a considerable risk because relocating is about survival for them. Survival in terms of food and nesting spots, not just for each bird but also for the families they hope to raise. A bird migrates from an area with low or decreasing resources to one with high or increasing resources

Migration is essential for businesses SURVIVAL too! ShallowFeet has got world’s finest talent when it comes to data migration. We do it all for you and it comes as a complete solution from our team of experts. Want to know how we do it? Talk to our solution experts.

Types of Data Migration

ShallowFeet understands the importance of data migration and offers a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of enterprises. Our expertise extends to various types of data migration, including:

Migration from On-Premises to Cloud Solutions

As data volumes grow and evolve, managing them with traditional systems becomes increasingly challenging. It also hinders strategic planning for businesses. Modern data architectures, such as cloud solutions, provide numerous benefits, including improved analysis capabilities and the ability to manage data growth effectively. Migrating data to the cloud reduces the cost of maintaining on-premises servers and infrastructure.

Data Analysis and Monitoring

Traditional data architectures often struggle to process large volumes of data and generate desired reports. Modern architectures enable efficient data logging, analysis, and automation. Cloud-based data migration facilitates real-time monitoring and significantly reduces processing time, enhancing data analysis capabilities for businesses.

Centralized Systems for Decentralized

Organizations In decentralized organizations with multiple data sources, setting up a data warehouse is essential for comprehensive analysis and predictive insights. Data migration is a crucial step in creating intelligent, centralized systems. Reves helps plan and execute data migration from various sources to establish a unified platform, enabling holistic data analysis.

System Upgrades

As the world embraces microservices and newer technologies, businesses often adopt new services, products, or custom applications. These transitions require migrating existing data to the new systems to ensure data integrity. Whether upgrading or building customized applications, data migration is crucial to maintain data accuracy and leverage the benefits of modern technologies.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions present growth opportunities for enterprises, expanding market coverage and eliminating competition. However, combining data from different sources and storage systems poses data integrity challenges. Data migration plays a vital role in ensuring a common platform for analyzing key data from a bird’s-eye view, facilitating comprehensive insights.

Data Migration

Services at Reves Reves boasts a team of experienced data engineers and data scientists who specialize in planning and executing secure data migration processes. Our experts understand the value, accuracy, and sensitivity of data. We meticulously identify storage requirements, design precise data mapping and cleaning schemas, conduct thorough testing, and handle exceptions during migration. With a fault-tolerant architecture and 99.99% uptime, we ensure a successful data migration process.

Data Migration Strategy

When you’re considering adopting a new system, we understand how important a sound data migration strategy is. No company wants the uncertainty of huge amounts of downtime, business disruption or worse – the possibility of lost data.

With more than 20 years’ experience of managing complex data migration scenarios, you can rely on ShallowFeet to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Data Migration Process

Broadly speaking, the data migration phases we follow are:


Identify existing data sources, determine the requirements of the new system and how the data will be converted.


Export all the data from existing source(s).


Review the data and identify data issues, remove redundant or duplicated data, identify incomplete data and correct inaccurate data.


Import the cleansed data to the new system, either in one go or phased or in parallel.


Test the data and validate upload success.

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