Shallowfeet Consulting specializes in Cloud-Based Software Product Development, Mobile App Development and API/non-API based Custom Integrations. It is based in Jaipur, India. We have a small but highly dedicated group of engineers capable of delivering products that scale.

Shallowfeet Consulting is a product consulting and solution providing organization for the next generation business. We spend time and thinking to understand not just the technical side, but the business side of product as well and provide ideas and insights for product success. We have released highly scalable products since 2014.

We believe our customers should focus on business decisions and leave all the rest to us. Our USP lies in our ability to understand and estimate efforts in technical development as well as non-technical challenges in the rollout of a product thereby enabling our customers to get prepared for potential risks ahead of the time. We focus on our customer’s success with their product by focusing on the value delivered to our clients rather than hours billed. Our support desk is available 24x7 for any assistance.